Top Choice Thai in Sangkhlaburi

Suanmagmai Resort

The English part of the menu will leave you scratching your head (the deep-fried 'platypus' is really duck bills) – the pictures can help out some – but you can be sure whatever you get will be perfectly prepared. I…
Bakery in Sangkhlaburi

Baan Unrak Bakery

Vegetarians will love this meatless (mostly vegan) cafe, which is part of the Baan Unrak organisation.
Market in Sangkhlaburi

Walking Street Market

A block over from the night market in front of the hospital. Closed during the rainy season.
Market in Sangkhlaburi

Night Market

Takes place next door to Sangkhlaburi's main market.
Thai in Sangkhlaburi

ráhn kăi kôw morn

Every local we talked to advised us to head up the hill to Nai Bon's nameless ráhn kăi kôw morn ('Mon food shop'). No English is spoken, but you can just look in the pots to choose.