Top Choice Ice Cream in Chiang Mai


Mobbed day and night, this shop creates fantastic ice cream and sorbets using local fruits and creative ingredients such as black beans and sticky rice; the saraka (snake fruit) sorbet is quite possibly the best ice…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Phuket Town

Torry's Ice Cream Boutique

You'll find gourmet ice cream, sorbets and Phuket-style desserts at this very popular cafe-style place on Phuket Town's most photogenic street. It's a swish setting – a chandelier dangles over the ice-cream counter …
Desserts in Northern Bangkok


In an attempt to describe the vibe of this uniquely bizarre dessert cafe, our source uttered the words 'a knight wearing a tiara'. Oddly enough this is a pretty accurate summary of Puritan, although the 16-plus chan…
Desserts in Kanchanaburi

Library Cafe

It's eye-wateringly expensive if you compare it to Kanchanaburi's markets, but a platter of bingsu (a Korean-style shaved ice dessert) served in Library Cafe's sultry surrounds is a guilty pleasure. The bingsu arriv…
Desserts in Ayuthaya

Roti Săi Măi Stalls

The dessert roti săi măi (silk thread roti) was invented in Ayuthaya and is sold all over town, though these stalls fronting the hospital are the most famous.
Desserts in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini

Boonsap Thai Desserts

Dating back to the 1940s is this legendary producer of Thai sweets. Couple their sweetened sticky rice with mangoes or coconut custard. There's no English-language sign (nor an English-language menu); look for the w…
Ice Cream in Ko Pha-Ngan


The small and enterprising back-street gelateria sells home-made ice-cream and sorbets, using natural and locally sourced ingredients.
Ice Cream in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini


A domestic chain with correspondingly Thai flavours such as guava and salted plum, santol sorbet and, for the daring, durian.
Ice Cream in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini

Guss Damn Good

This home-grown ice cream brand has gained a glowing rep with flavours such as Kuppa espresso made using locally roasted coffee, Tokyo Mist made with yuzu orange, and a plum sorbet called Virgin Umeshu. The shop is …