Top Choice Thai in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini


Australian chef-author David Thompson is the man behind one of Bangkok's – and if you believe the critics, the world's – best Thai restaurants. Using ancient cookbooks as his inspiration, Thompson has given new life…
Top Choice Thai in Chiang Khong

Khao Soi Pa Orn

You may think you know kôw soy, the famous northern curry noodle soup, but the version served in Chiang Khong forgoes the curry broth and replaces it with clear soup topped with a rich, spicy minced-pork mixture. A …
Top Choice Northern Thai in Chiang Mai

Kao Soi Fueng Fah

The best of the Muslim-run kôw soy (wheat-and-egg noodles in a curry broth) vendors along Halal St, with the choice of beef or chicken with your noodles.
Top Choice Thai in Banglamphu

Jay Fai

You wouldn’t think so by looking at her bare-bones dining room, but Jay Fai is known far and wide for serving Bangkok’s most expensive pàt kêe mow ('drunkard’s noodles'; wide rice noodles fried with seafood and Thai…
Top Choice Northern Thai in Pai

Larp Khom Huay Poo

Escape the wheatgrass-and-tofu crowd and get your meat on at this unabashedly carnivorous local eatery, located about 1km north of town, on the road to Mae Hong Son. The house special (and the dish you must order) i…
Top Choice Thai in Banglamphu

Krua Apsorn

This homely dining room is a favourite of members of the Thai royal family and restaurant critics alike. Just about all of the central and southern Thai dishes are tasty, but regulars never miss the chance to order …
Top Choice Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Thanin

North of the old city off Th Chotana (Th Chang Pheuak), this market specialises in ready-to-eat gàp kôw (premade food served with rice) meals, with a whole rear section jammed with vendors offering fish stews, curri…
Top Choice Thai in Thewet & Dusit

Likhit Kai Yang

Located just behind Ratchadamnoen Stadium (avoid the grotty branch directly adjacent to the stadium), this decades-old restaurant is where locals come for a northeastern-Thai-style meal before a Thai boxing match. T…
Chinese in Mae Salong (Santikhiri)

Salema Restaurant

One of the friendliest restaurants in town also happens to be the one serving the most delicious food. Salema does tasty Muslim-Chinese dishes, including a rich Yunnan-style beef curry and a deliciously tart tuna an…
Top Choice Thai in Surin

Petmanee 2

This simple spot by Wat Salaloi (there's no roman-script sign, but look for the large chicken grill) is Surin's most famous purveyor of sôm·đam (spicy green-papaya salad) and gài yâhng (grilled chicken). The súþ nòr…