Top things to do

International in Ko Phayam

Ban Nam Cha

Twinkling lights, prayer flags and driftwood signs adorn this artsy, easygoing food shack. Tuck into fantastic homemade panini (garlic mushroom, cashew-nut pesto), sandwiches, cakes and a range of Burmese, European …
Thai in Ko Phayam

Baan Klong Kleng

A fabulous open-walled beachside restaurant with a fun vibe, dishing up fragrant Thai curries (all available in veggie versions), delicious breakfasts and fusion specials like green-curry pasta.
Buddhist Temple in Ko Phayam

Wat Phayam

Shrouded in jungle just north of the main pier, on Ko Phayam's east coast, you'll find a majestic golden Buddha flanked by a three-headed naga (serpent).
Market in Ranong Town

Day Market

Ranong's bubbly day market offers delicious, inexpensive Thai and Burmese meals. It's a wonderfully local scene.
Market in Ranong Town

Night Market

The night market, just northwest off the highway, sizzles up brilliant Thai dishes at killer prices.
National Park in Ranong Province

Laem Son National Park

The Laam Son National Park covers 315 sq km of land shared by Ranong and Phang-Nga Provinces, it also includes around 100km of Andaman Sea coastline – the longest protected shore in the country – as well as over 20 …
Thai in Ranong Town

The B Restaurant

The B now has two restaurants: an open-air rooftop restaurant in the hotel itself and this new place on the street which attracts upmarket locals. There's a good choice of Thai food, as well Western classics such as…
Thai in Ranong Town

Ranong Hideaway

A long-time favourite of expats and border businessmen, this small international eatery unfurls beneath a stilted bamboo roof, offering decent pastas, pizzas, meaty mains, Thai curries and international breakfasts, …
Thai in Laem Son National Park

Wasana Resort

This colourful family-run restaurant encircled by green grounds is the work of a welcoming Dutch-Thai couple, who cook up a gloriously authentic, home-style gado-gado to complement fabulous stir fries, omelettes, sp…