Dan Singkhon Border Market

A mere 12km west of Prachuap Khiri Khan is the Myanmar border and for many years there has been talk of foreigners being able to cross 'in the near future'. Don't hold your breath. In the meantime, you can still visit the town of Dan Singkhon on the Thai side of the border, 20km drive from the city. There's a Saturday-morning border market for Burmese traders to come across and sell to Thais. Its former exotic appeal has been washed away by modern construction and few people now consider it worth the trip unless they're shopping for wooden furniture or orchids. Many of the people selling these products are here the rest of the week too. Minivans (100B, 30 minutes) make the trip from Prachuap Khiri Khan's minivan station, but only depart when there are enough passengers.

WWII & Prachuap Khiri Khan

Prachuap was one of seven points on the gulf coast where Japanese troops landed on 8 December 1941 during their invasion of Thailand. The Air Force base at Ao Manao was the site of fierce skirmishes – the Japanese didn't fully capture the town until the next day after the Thai government ordered its soldiers to stop fighting since an armistice had been arranged.

The 41 soldiers and civilians who died in the battle are memorialised at Khao Lammuak and several street names around town refer to the battle such as Phitak Chat (Defend Country), Salacheep (Sacrifice Life) and Suseuk (Fight a Battle). About 400 Japanese also died.