Top Choice Antiques in Phuket Town


An elegant antique gallery and boutique featuring antiquated Buddha statues and sculpture, organic textiles, and ambitious, exquisite high-fashion women's clothing inspired by vintage Thai garments and fabrics.
Food & Drinks in Phuket Town

Oldest Herbs Shop

Craving ginseng or perhaps dried insects? You can't miss the wafting aromas of Phuket's oldest herbs shop as you stroll along Th Thalang. Stop here to stock up on Chinese herbal remedies or to simply watch portions …
Art in Phuket Town

Drawing Room

With a street-art vibe reminiscent of pre-boom Brooklyn or East London, this wide-open cooperative is by far the stand-out gallery in a town full of them. Canvases it does might be vibrant abstract squiggles or comi…
Art in Phuket Town

Art Room Phuket

Dip into a contrasting split-level world of soothing, soft-toned Thai-life watercolours alongside bold, powerfully, locally inspired abstract oil canvases that throw light on hot contentious topics such as urban exp…
Antiques in Phuket Town

Ban Boran Antiques

This refined yet understated antiques house holds some striking old-school furniture, sculpture and decoration finds (mostly Thai and Myanmarese), along with vibrant vintage fabrics, raw silks and silver Sri Lankan …
Art in Phuket Town

Wua Art Gallery & Studio

A fun and intriguing artist-owned shophouse featuring mythical creatures and abstract portraits in minimalist grey-dominated oils on canvas, with splashes of vibrant colours, crafted by a man known only as ‘Mr Zen’.
Fashion & Accessories in Phuket Town

Merci Beaucoup

Masses of lace, sequins, frills and adventurous patterns make for bold, upmarket fashion choices to combine with colour-popping jewellery, bags and and hats at this swish little women's boutique.
Art in Phuket Town

111 Phuket Art Gallery

Pick up some psychedelic art featuring local subject matter such as Sino-Portuguese buildings covered in overhead power lines, vivid inventive seascapes and other interesting pieces.
Textiles in Phuket Town

Ban Boran Textiles

Shelves at this hole-in-the-wall are stocked high with quality silk scarves, Burmese lacquerware, sarongs, linen shirts, cute colourful bags and cotton textiles from Chiang Mai.
Market in Phuket Town

Indy Market

Local families and school kids flock to this small-ish central market in search of modern fashions, evening snacks and live music. There are some original souvenirs here.