Museum in Phuket Town

Phuket Thaihua Museum

Formerly a Chinese language school, this flashy museum is filled with photos and English-language exhibits on Phuket’s history, from the Chinese migration (many influential Phuketian families are of Chinese origin) …
Viewpoint in Phuket Town

Khao Rang

For a bird’s-eye view of the city, climb (or drive) up Khao Rang, 3km northwest of the town centre. A new viewing platform has opened up the commanding panoramas across Phuket Town and all the way to Chalong Bay, La…
Museum in Phuket Town

Chyn Pracha House

Built in 1903 on tin-mining riches, this beautifully preserved Sino-Portuguese mansion should make any antique-lover's list. Others might find the four-poster steel beds done up in Victorian lace a bit gaudy. But th…
Shrine in Phuket Town

Shrine of the Serene Light

A handful of Chinese temples pump colour into Phuket Town, but this restored shrine, tucked away up a 50m alley, is particularly atmospheric, with its Taoist etchings on the walls and the vaulted ceiling stained fro…
Historic Building in Phuket Town

Thavorn Hotel

Opened in 1961 by the tin-mining Chinese-Thai Thavorn Wong Wongse family, the Thavorn was Phuket's original five-star. It's one of the oldest hotels around still operating. Although the facade is pretty unimpressive…
Taoist Shrine in Phuket Town

Jui Tui Shrine

This shrine attracts those wishing to bolster their physical health through prayer. It’s also the major base for serious (read: violently pierced) participants during Phuket's Vegetarian Festival, which makes it a g…
Museum in Phuket Town

Phuket Philatelic Museum

The old post office building, a fine example of Phuket's historic Sino-Portuguese architecture, now houses the Phuket Philatelic Museum, where you'll find a small collection of stamps and a vintage post office count…
Taoist Shrine in Phuket Town

Bang Niew Shrine

Built in 1934, this shrine honours Lao La as principal deity and is an important focus for festivities (and brutal self-mortification) during Phuket's Vegetarian Festival.
Taoist Shrine in Phuket Town

Sui Boon Tong Shrine

This simple shrine is one of the most important centres of worship and self-mortification for Phuket's Vegetarian Festival.
Historic Building in Phuket Town

Standard Chartered Bank

Thailand's oldest foreign bank is a fine example of Phuket Town's historic Sino-Portuguese architecture.