Religious in Phuket Town

Vegetarian Festival

Loud popping sounds similar to machine-gun fire fill the streets, the air is thick with grey-brown smoke and men and women traipse along blocked-off city roads, their cheeks pierced with skewers and knives or, more …
LGBT in Hat Patong

Phuket Gay Pride Festival

Although Bangkok and Pattaya have big gay-pride celebrations, the Phuket Gay Pride Festival is widely considered to be the best in Thailand, possibly even Southeast Asia. The date has changed several times since the…
Cultural in Thalang District

Heroines Festival

Held annually in Thalang Town, this festival commemorates the victory of Phuket's two 'Heroines', Lady Chan, and her sister, Lady Mook, over invading Burmese troops on 13 March 1785. Using cunning tactics to fool th…