Top Choice Thai in Phitsanulok

Ban Mai

Dinner at this local favourite is like a meal at your grandparents’ place: opinionated conversation resounds, frumpy furniture abounds and an overfed cat appears to rule the dining room. The likewise homey dishes in…
Thai in Phitsanulok

Yasmeen Halal Food Restaurant

There are several Thai-Muslim cafes near the Pakistan Mosque on Th Phra Ong Dam, and this is probably the best of them. Thick roh·đee (crispy dough ‘pancakes’) are served up with rich curries, and are best coupled w…
Thai in Phitsanulok

Rim Nan

Just north of Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat, Rim Nan is one of a few similar restaurants along Th Phutta Bucha that offer gŏoay·đĕe·o hôy kăh, literally ‘legs-hanging’ noodles, named for the benches that make eating a…
Chinese in Phitsanulok


This corner of old Phitsanulok has a distinctly old-world Chinese feel, an excellent pairing with the tasty Chinese-style dishes at this long-standing restaurant.
Thai in Phitsanulok

Night Market

Located just south of the train station, this market features mostly takeaway items including kôw nĕe·o hòr (tiny banana-leaf parcels of sticky rice with various toppings). There are two vendors opposite each other …
Thai in Phitsanulok

Jaroen Rat

This simple place serves a choice of vegetarian dishes paired with husky brown rice. There are at least three other meat-free places along the same strip – there's no Roman-script sign so look for the yellow banners…
Market in Phitsanulok

Night Market

Lining either side of Th Phra Ong Dam north of Th Authong, this market has the usual selection of Thai street foods.