Top Choice Historic Site in Phimai

Phimai Historical Park

According to the information in its visitor centre, this temple was started by Khmer King Jayaviravarman (r AD 1002–06), although other records have it dated to as late as the 12th century. Regardless, Phimai is one…
Museum in Phimai

Phimai National Museum

After a recent renovation this is now one of the best museums in Isan and well worth a visit. Situated on the banks of Sa Kwan, a 12th-century Khmer reservoir, the museum consists of two spacious buildings housing a…
Historic Site in Phimai

Tha Nang Sa Phom

Tha Nang Sa Phom, a 13th-century landing platform constructed out of laterite, is now on the grounds of the Fine Arts Department compound.
Park in Phimai

Sai Ngam

A bit east of town is Thailand's largest and oldest banyan tree, a 350-plus-year-old giant spread over an island. The extensive system of interlocking branches and gnarled trunks makes the 'Beautiful Banyan' look li…
Historic Site in Phimai

Kuti Rusi

A 13th-century healing station built by Jayavarman VII.
Historic Site in Phimai

Meru Bhramathat

Meru Bhramathat is a brick chedi (stupa) dating back to the late Ayuthaya period. Its name is derived from a folk tale that refers to it as the cremation site of King Bhramathat.
Historic Site in Phimai

Pratu Phi

One of the original city gates.
Historic Site in Phimai

Pratu Hin

One of the original city gates.
Landmark in Phimai

Lak Muang (City Pillar)

Traditional city pillar – this one is easy to miss.
Historic Site in Phimai

Pratu Chai

Served the road to Angkor and is the most intact of the city gates. The mounded dirt ridge alongside it shows what the ramparts formerly surrounding the entire city looked like.