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Parody art museum & 3D Selfie Studio is a designed with the topic of PARODY for the first time in the world. It is the safest, most beautiful and fun place in Pattaya. We offer you beautiful and fun memories.
Visit: Parody Art Museum & 3D Selfie Studio, Pattaya, Chonburi ProvinceAre you a real geek in history of arts? If you can tell Monet and Manet apart, simply know that there is a music sheet hidden in ‘The Last Supper’ (Unbelievable? Find out in our magazine’s latest issue!), or have even flown miles away to Paris just to appreciate the beauty of Mona Lisa in the flesh, I guess you’d be agog for this museum the way I was: Parody Art Museum & 3D Selfie Studio Pattaya!!!Sound interesting? I’ve come across this museum during my recent trip to Pattaya. Standing tall with its colorful façade, the museum is situated within the bustling area of North Pattaya. Curious enough, I entered the building and was stunned by a bust of Vincent Van Gogh painted in his own artistic style, with the caricature of Gogh saying “Hello Parody” hanging behind at the entrance.The receptionist told me to move to an adjacent gallery room. That is the beginning of nearly twenty-minute walk with countless surprises throughout this two-storey building. Along the length of the wall are numbers of mocking work of arts created just to make fun of their original paintings from every age in the history of arts by adding modern jokes and satirizing people’s behaviours nowadays.At the end of the second floor, there is a door leading you out of the building to the neighbour al fresco gallery. Many pieces displayed in this place are inspired by famous post-modern arts, presented in more contemporary style of collage, graffiti and installation.On the ground floor of this building is a winding corridor with numerous graffiti and mural arts painted along the wall. There’s something more than japes and concepts that make them outstanding; fascinating details of the graphics are also incomparable.You cannot finish the tour without having a walk on the backyard, where various sizes of parody sculptures scatter about, inviting you to have some shot with them. You can pose with Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, or join a gig of Manet’s The Fifer and his animal friends from Bremen. Never miss the enormous sculpture of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ at the centre of the garden.The final part of the museum sits behind the opaque backdoor of the building. There’s a label says ‘Media Room’, and I expected more funny parodies in motion picture or internet meme, but it proved me wrong. Inside of the door is a real gallery dedicated to awesome masterpieces of Gustav Klimt, Austrian artist and interior designer in Vienna Secession era who is notable for his ‘golden phase’ technique. His artworks were controversial on his days due to its sensuality and nudity, but I guess that is one of the reasons Parody Art Museum displays his pieces here: they are both unconventionally provocative.

What’s included

  • Interact with the exhibits in 6 distinct galleries
  • Plenty of photo opportunities where you get to be part of the art
  • Open 9am to 9pm, making it easy to fit this attraction into your schedule

What’s not included

  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation to/from attractions