Top Choice Northern Thai in Pai

Larp Khom Huay Poo

Escape the wheatgrass-and-tofu crowd and get your meat on at this unabashedly carnivorous local eatery. The house special (and the dish you must order) is 'larp moo kua', northern-style lâhp (minced pork fried with …
Thai in Pai

Phat Thai Na-Win

Forget the gloopy stuff for sale at Pai's night market; for real pàt tai, head a couple blocks west to this old wooden house. In addition to the eponymous fried noodles, you'll find a sizeable English-language menu …
International in Pai

Om Garden Cafe

Fresh-pressed juices, meat-free takes on international dishes, barefoot and/or flute-playing patrons: basically everything you’d expect at a place called Om Garden, except that the food is actually good. Dishes rang…
Tex-Mex in Pai


Tacos, burritos and quesadillas: Cafecito serves the Tex-Mex staples, all overseen by an American. This is Pai, so there are lots of meat-free options and it also doubles as a cafe.It’s located about 600m south of T…
Thai in Pai

Baan Benjarong

Emulate local families and come to this classy home-based restaurant at the edge of a rice field. Menu items such as stewed salted crabs in coconut milk and a salad of banana flower, shrimp and chicken culminate in …
International in Pai

Good Life

Kefir, kombucha, beet juice and wheatgrass are indicators of the vibe of this eclectic and popular cafe. But don’t fear: coffee and soft drinks are available, as is a thick menu of Thai and international dishes, man…
International in Pai

Witching Well

This buzzy foreigner-run place is where to come if you’re looking for authentic sandwiches, pasta, cakes and pastries. It also does good coffee and the kind of sophisticated breakfasts you’re not likely to find else…
Thai in Pai

Khanom Jeen Nang Yong

This place specialises in northern Thai-style kà·nŏm jeen (thin rice noodles served with a your choice of a curry-like broth). It’s located in the same building as Pai Adventure Rafting. There's no Roman-script sig…
Thai in Pai

Nong Beer

A long-standing go-to for cheap and authentic Thai eats, ranging from kôw soy (curried noodles) to curries ladled over rice, including quite a few meat-free options.
Northern Thai in Pai

Evening Market

For tasty take-home, local-style eats, try the market that unfolds every afternoon from about 3pm to sunset.