Tourist Information in Mae Hong Son

Maehongson Living Museum

An attractive wooden building – formerly Mae Hong Son’s bus depot – has been turned into a museum on local culture, food and architecture, though the bulk of information is only in Thai. There are a few maps and bro…
Tourist Information in Phitsanulok

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Off Th Baromtrilokanart, with helpful staff who hand out free maps of the town and a walking-tour sheet. This office also oversees the provinces of Sukhothai, Phichit and Phetchabun.
Tourist Information in Sukhothai

Tourism Authority of Thailand

In new digs since 2016 and about 750m west of the bridge in New Sukhothai, this office has a pretty good selection of maps and brochures.
Tourist Information in Chiang Saen

Visitors Centre

Has a good relief display showing the major ruin sites as well as photos of various chedi before, during and after restoration.
Tourist Information in Chiang Rai

Tourism Authority of Thailand

English is limited, but staff here do their best to give advice and can provide a small selection of maps and brochures.
Tourist Information in Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park

Information Centre

An information centre at the park distributes free maps and has a small exhibit outlining the history and attractions.
Tourist Information in Phrae

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Brand-new office just east of the centre of town. English-speaking staff and volunteers are keen to lend a hand.
Travel Agency in Phitsanulok

Golden House Tour

This experienced travel agency can book airline tickets and arrange ground transport in and around Phitsanulok.
Tourist Information in Lampang

Tourism Authority of Thailand

The helpful folks here can provide decent maps of the area and details about local sights and activities.
Tourist Information in Kamphaeng Phet

Visitor Centre

There is an excellent visitor centre at the entrance where bicycle hire (per day 30B) can be arranged.