Vietnamese in Nong Khai

Daeng Namnuang

This massive river restaurant has grown into an Isan institution, and hordes of out-of-towners head home with car boots and carry-on bags (there's an outlet at Udon Thani's airport) stuffed with năam neu·ang (DIY po…
Thai in Nong Khai

Dee Dee Pohchanah

How good is Dee Dee? Just look at the dinner-time crowds. Despite having a full house every night, this simple place is a well-oiled machine and you won't be waiting long.
Thai in Nong Khai

Saap Lah

For excellent gài yâhng (grilled chicken), sôm·đam (spicy green-papaya salad) and other Isan foods, follow your nose to this no-frills shop.
Thai in Nong Khai

Sweet Cake & Coffee

It's hard to categorise this place, run by a sweet old lady who makes standard Thai dishes and also many international favourites such as baked cakes and banana pancakes. Enjoy the homely atmosphere for breakfast, l…
Thai in Nong Khai

Hospital Food Court

Don't be put off by the name – it isn't 'hospital food'. Located across from the hospital, this food court whips up Thai standards at low prices. The food is delicious, there's plenty of choice and it is convenientl…
Thai in Nong Khai


Mut Mee Garden Guesthouse's floating restaurant, which specialises in fish, turns out the real deal. There's a sunset cruise most nights (100B; at least 10 guests needed before the cruise will go ahead) around 5pm; …
International in Nong Khai

Café Thasadej

At this little restaurant both the menu and liquor list – the latter among the best in town – span the globe.