Top Choice Sculpture in Nong Khai

Sala Kaew Ku

It's cheesy, but the sheer size of the sculptures at Sala Kaew Ku can't fail to impress. Built over 20 years by Luang Pu Boun Leua Sourirat, a mystic who died in 1996, the park features a weird and wonderful array o…
Buddhist Temple in Sangkhom

Wat Pha Tak Sua

The forest wát peering down on the town, Wat Pha Tak Sua lies just 2km away as the crow flies, but it's 19km to drive. It has amazing Mekong views; you might see the valley filled with fog on early mornings during t…
Buddhist Temple in Nong Khai

Wat Pho Chai

Luang Po Phra Sai, a large Lan Xang–era Buddha image awash with gold, bronze and precious stones, sits at the hub of Nong Khai's holiest temple. The head of the image is pure gold, the body is bronze and the ùt·sà·n…
Aquarium in Nong Khai

Nong Khai Aquarium

First impressions may not overwhelm at this aquarium, as some of the early displays look a little shabby, but the further you go the more interesting it gets, especially the impressive giant Mekong River tank. A hig…
Waterfall in Sangkhom

Nam Tok Than Thip

Three-tiered Nam Tok Than Thip waterfall, 13km west of Sangkhom (2km off Rte 211), is the largest waterfall in the area. The lower level drops 30m and the second level, easily reached via stairs, falls 100m. The 70m…
Buddhist Temple in Nong Khai Province

Wat Hin Mak Peng

Overlooking a lovely stretch of the Mekong, this vast forest temple is centred on a cliff rising out of the river. The very peaceful temple is respected by Thais because of their reverence for the founding abbot, Aj…
Market in Nong Khai

Tha Sadet Market

It's the most popular destination in town – almost everyone loves a stroll through this covered market. It offers the usual mix of clothes, electronic equipment, food and assorted bric-a-brac, most of it imported fr…
Monument in Nong Khai

Prap Haw Monument

This monument commemorates the Haw Wars, fought from 1865 to 1890, during which bands of Chinese military gangs (called 'Flag Gangs') fleeing Chinese mainstream forces pillaged Lao and bordering Thai towns until the…
Waterfall in Sangkhom

Nam Tok Than Thong

Nam Tok Than Thong, 11km east of Sangkhom, is a wide but short drop with a swimmable pool at the bottom, although it dries up around April. The short nature trail takes you down by the Mekong. Than Thong is accessib…
Buddhist Temple in Nong Khai

Wat Si Muang

An unremarkable wát close to the market action.