Getting Around

There are fixed sŏrng·tăa·ou (8B) routes through the city, but even locals find it hard to figure them out because of their dizzying array of numbers and colours. Most pass the junction of Th Suranaree and Th Rajadamnern, so if you want to go somewhere, just head there and ask around. Heading west on Th Suranaree, yellow sŏrng·tăa·ou 1, with white and green stripes, will take you past the train station, the tourism office and The Mall, while the white 1 with yellow and green strips also passes the train station. Heading north on Rajadamnern, the white 6 with red and yellow stripes passes The Mall more directly. Also going north on Rajadamnern, the white and blue 7 with no stripes, the white 10 with red and yellow stripes and the white 15 with purple stripes all go to Bus Terminal 2. The white and blue 7 also passes in front of Chira train station.

Túk-túk cost between 50B and 80B to most places in town. Motorcycle taxis and săhm·lór (pedicabs; also spelt sǎamláw), both of which are common, always cost less. Metered taxis pretty much only park at Bus Terminal 2 and The Mall, so you'll need to call. There's almost no chance of getting drivers to use the meter.

Motorcycles can be hired at Euro Karn Chang and Diamond Yont from 250B per day for use within Khorat province. Jompol Bike hires bicycles for 100B per day.