Top things to do in Nakhon Pathom

Buddhist Temple in Nakhon Pathom

Phra Pathom Chedi

This stupa, located in the centre of Nakhon Pathom and rising to 127m, is one of the tallest Buddhist monuments in the world.
Market in Nakhon Pathom

Don Wai Market

Not technically a swimmer, this market claims a riverbank location in Nakhon Pathom Province, having originally started out in the early 20th century as a floating market for pomelo and jackfruit growers and traders…
Buddhist Temple in Nakhon Pathom


Southeast of the city stands this Sukhothai-style standing Buddha designed by Corrado Feroci. At 15.8m it is reportedly the world's tallest, and it's surrounded by a 400-hectare landscaped park that contains sculptu…