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Vietnamese in Mukdahan


This family-run Vietnamese cafe is bright and clean and rightly popular. It's a good choice for breakfast if you're not in a rush. The picture menu takes the guesswork out of ordering, but leaves you clueless on the…
Top Choice Northeastern Thai in Mukdahan

Bao Pradit

It's a bit of a trek south of the centre (look for the Coke sign), but this is a real Isan restaurant with dishes including gôry kài mót daang (raw beef with lemon, chilli, fish sauce and extra blood with red ant eg…
Top Choice International in Mukdahan


This delightful place is a pleasant discovery in Mukdahan – a cool, dark, inviting place with a mix of Thai and international food, art on the walls, chill music, good coffee and the best homemade cookies this side …
Museum in Mukdahan

Hor Kaew Mukdahan

This eye-catching 65m-tall tower was built for the 50th anniversary of King Rama IX's ascension to the throne. The nine-sided base has a good museum with displays (labelled in English) on the eight ethnic groups of …
Viewpoint in Mukdahan

Phu Manorom

You can get an impressive view of Laos and the Mekong from this mountain south of Hor Kaew Mukdahan. The temple here has a small garden and they're constructing a massive 84m-tall Buddha image. It's a popular spot f…
Buddhist Temple in Mukdahan

Wat Si Mongkhon Tai

According to one of the many legends associated with it, this temple's 2m-tall Phra Chao Ong Luang Buddha image is older than the city itself and was unearthed during Mukdahan's construction. It sits in a simple but…
Buddhist Temple in Mukdahan

Wat Yod Kaeo Sivichai

This temple stands out for having an enormous Buddha inside a glass-walled wí·hăhn, and not one, but two small chedi modelled on Phra That Phanom.
Thai in Mukdahan

Night Market

Mukdahan's night market has all the Thai and Isan classics, but it's the Vietnamese vendors that set it apart. A few sell băhn dah (the vendors will tell you it's 'Vietnamese pizza'), which combines soft noodles, po…
Northeastern Thai in Mukdahan

Wine Wild Why?

Housed in an atmospheric wooden building next to the river, this relaxing spot has bags of character and delicious Thai and Isan food, though it no longer serves wine.
Market in Mukdahan

Talat Indojin

This riverside market, which stretches along and under the promenade, is a busy and colourful spectacle, with stall after stall of food, clothing and assorted trinkets from China and Vietnam, plus silk and cotton fa…