Mae Sot restaurants

Top Choice Thai in Mae Sot


Like dining in a gentrified jungle, Khaomao-Khaofang replaces chandeliers with hanging vines, and interior design with orchids and waterfalls. It's the most atmospheric place to eat in town and the Northern Thai foo…
Multicuisine in Mae Sot

Bai Fern

Unpretentious and friendly, Bai Fern is also surprisingly good. The Western food – breakfasts, steaks, pasta and pizza – is especially reliable, but this is also a fine place to sample Burmese cuisine (tell the staf…
International in Mae Sot

Krua Canadian

Dave, the eponymous Canadian owner and long-term Mae Sot resident, dishes up some of the finest fa·ràng (foreigner) food in town: the Mexican entries on the varied menu are especially popular. Servings are large. Da…
Burmese in Mae Sot

Borderline Teashop

This cosy cafe is set in a pleasant shaded garden and offers a small but tasty Burmese-inspired menu of vegetarian dishes, including salads, noodle dishes and sweets. If you like your meal, consider enrolling in the…
Thai in Mae Sot

Phat Thai Mae Sot

This cosy place serves pàt tai with a local twist: toppings of pork rind and barbecued pork. There's no English-language sign; look for the rustic, semi-open-air wood building with a metal roof supported by a tree.
Burmese in Mae Sot

Lucky Garden Tea Shop

Come here for the authentic Burmese teashop experience if you're not crossing the border to Myanmar. Biryanis, Burmese curries and salads and lots of sweet tea are the order of the day.
Multicuisine in Mae Sot

Casa Mia

This rustic restaurant has a huge range of homemade Italian pasta dishes, including veggie options, all very reasonably priced. It also offers pizza, Western breakfasts, Thai and Burmese selections and some decent d…
Market in Mae Sot

Night Market

Mae Sot’s night market features mostly Thai-Chinese-style dishes. To find it, look for the arch labelled 'Happy New Year'.