Top Choice Thai in Mae Sot


Like dining in a gentrified jungle, Khaomao-Khaofang replaces chandeliers with hanging vines, and interior design with orchids and waterfalls. Try one of the several delicious-sounding yam (Thai-style spicy salads) …
American in Mae Sot

Famous Ray’s

The emphasis here is on burgers, including creative variations such as Thai (with pàt tai seasoning and sautéed morning glory) or Burmese (with curry spices and topped with Burmese-style tomato salad).
Thai in Mae Sot

Phat Thai Mae Sot

This cosy place serves pàt tai with a local twist: toppings of pork rind and barbecued pork. There's no English-language sign; look for the rustic, semi-open-air wood building.
Burmese in Mae Sot

Borderline Teashop

A cosy cafe with tasty Burmese-style salads, noodle dishes and sweets. If you like what you ate, consider enrolling in the linked cookery course.
Burmese in Mae Sot

Lucky Tea Garden

For the authentic Burmese teashop experience without crossing over to Myawaddy, visit this friendly cafe equipped with sweet tea, tasty snacks and, of course, Burmese pop music.
International in Mae Sot

Khrua Canadian

This is the place to go if you want to forget you’re in Asia for one meal. Dave, the eponymous Canadian, brews his own coffee and also offers homemade bagels, deli meats and cheeses. The servings are large, the menu…
International in Mae Sot

Casa Mia

This simple restaurant serves what must be the cheapest homemade Italian pasta dishes in the universe. It also does Thai and Burmese, and some great desserts, including a decent banoffee pie.
Chinese in Mae Sot

Night Market

Mae Sot’s night market features mostly Thai–Chinese-style dishes. Look for the arch labelled 'Happy New Year'.