Northern Thai in Mae Hong Son


Like the Shan grandma you never had, Auntie Bua prepares a generous spread of local-style curries, soups and dips on a daily basis.
International in Mae Hong Son

Fern Restaurant

The Fern is almost certainly Mae Hong Son’s most upscale restaurant, but remember, this is Mae Hong Son. Nonetheless, service is professional and the food is decent. The expansive menu covers Thai and local dishes, …
Italian in Mae Hong Son

La Tasca

This cosy place has been serving homemade pasta, pizza and calzone for as long as we can remember and is one of the few places in town to do relatively authentic Western food.
Chinese in Mae Hong Son

Ban Din Coffee

If you didn’t make it up to Mae Aw (Ban Rak Thai), be sure to stop by this open-air restaurant selling delicious and unique noodle dishes, dried fruit, tea and other specialities of Mae Hong Son’s Chinese/Yunnanese …
in Mae Hong Son

Fair Book

Although atmosphere is non-existent, this place has real coffee and the best selection of English-language newspapers, making it a favourite place to catch up with the outside world. They also do good Thai-style bre…
Northern Thai in Mae Hong Son

Banpleng Restaurant

This open-air restaurant does a handful of tasty local dishes – you’re safe going with anything that says ‘Maehongson style’ on the English-language menu.
Thai in Mae Hong Son

No-Name Restaurant

There really is no name here (it's a tax thing, we were told), but this has no negative repercussions on the central Thai–style dishes which are delicious. Near the corner with Th Singha-nat Barm Rung.
Thai in Mae Hong Son

Morning Market

Mae Hong Son's morning market is a fun place to have breakfast. Several vendors at the north end of the market sell unusual dishes such as tòo·a poo ùn, a Burmese noodle dish supplemented with thick chickpea porridg…
Thai in Mae Hong Son

Night Market

Several stalls here sell basic Thai dishes.
Northern Thai in Mae Hong Son

Night Market

Popular among locals, this night market is the place to go for take-away northern Thai-style dishes.