Top things to do

Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Mae Hong Son

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Climb the hill west of town, Doi Kong Mu (1500m), to visit this temple compound, also known as Wat Plai Doi. Two Shan chedi, erected in 1860 and 1874, enshrine the ashes of monks from Myanmar’s Shan State. Around th…
Top Choice Thai in Mae Hong Son

Morning Market

Mae Hong Son's morning market is a fun place to have breakfast. Several vendors at the northern end of the market sell unusual fare such as tòo·a poo ùn, a Burmese noodle dish supplemented with thick split pea porri…
Top Choice Northern Thai in Pai

Larp Khom Huay Poo

Escape the wheatgrass-and-tofu crowd and get your meat on at this unabashedly carnivorous local eatery. The house special (and the dish you must order) is 'larp moo kua', northern-style lâhp (minced pork fried with …
Top Choice Thai in Mae Hong Son

little good things

In a town with such unique and tasty local food, we were reluctant to risk a meal at this new vegan cafe/restaurant. But 'little good things' is probably one of the better restaurants in town. A short menu lists app…
Top Choice Chinese in Mae Aw (Ban Rak Thai) & Around

Gee Lee Restaurant

This was one of the first places in Mae Aw to serve the town’s Yunnanese-style Chinese dishes to visitors. Stewed pork leg and stir-fried local vegies are the specialities. There's no Roman-script sign, but it’s at …
Top Choice Northern Thai in Mae Sariang

Muu Thup

An authentic – and utterly delicious – northern Thai-style grilled meat shack. You can’t go wrong with the eponymous mǒo đúp (pork that’s been grilled then tenderised with a mallet). Located at the junction of the r…
Cave in Soppong

Tham Lot

About 9km north of Soppong is Tham Lot (pronounced tâm lôrt and also known as tâm nám lôrt), a large limestone cave with impressive stalagmites, ‘coffin caves’ and a wide stream running through it. Along with Tham N…
Village in Mae Sariang

Mae Sam Laep

The riverside trading village of Mae Sam Laep is nearly at the end of a 50km winding mountain road from Mae Sariang, within the boundaries of Salawin National Park. Populated by Burmese refugees, the town has a raw,…
Thai in Mae Hong Son

Chom Mai Restaurant

The English-language menu here is limited, but don’t miss the deliciously rich kôw soy (northern-style curry noodle soup) or kôw mòk gài (the Thai version of biryani).Chom Mai is located about 4km south of Mae Hong …
Thai in Mae Sariang

Intira Restaurant

Probably the town’s best all-around restaurant, this place features a thick menu of dishes using unusual ingredients such as locally grown shiitake mushrooms and fish from Mae Nam Moei.