Top Choice Chinese in Pai

Yunnanese Restaurants

Several open-air restaurants in Ban Santichon, 4km west of Pai, serve the traditional dishes of the town’s Yunnanese residents. Choices include màntŏ (steamed buns), here served with pork leg stewed with Chinese her…
Top Choice Northern Thai in Pai

Larp Khom Huay Poo

Escape the wheat grass and tofu crowd and get your meat on at this unabashedly carnivorous local eatery. The house special (and the dish you must order) is larp moo kua, northern-style lâhp, minced pork fried with l…
Top Choice Northern Thai in Mae Sariang

Muu Thup

An authentic – and delicious – northern Thai–style grilled meat shack. You can’t go wrong with the eponymous mǒo đúp (pork that’s been grilled then tenderised with a mallet). Located roughly across from Mae Sariang …
Northern Thai in Mae Hong Son


Like the Shan grandma you never had, Auntie Bua prepares a generous spread of local-style curries, soups and dips on a daily basis.
Chinese in Mae Hong Son

Ban Din Coffee

If you didn’t make it up to Mae Aw (Ban Rak Thai), be sure to stop by this open-air restaurant selling delicious and unique noodle dishes, dried fruit, tea and other specialities of Mae Hong Son’s Chinese/Yunnanese …
Northern Thai in Mae Hong Son

Banpleng Restaurant

This open-air restaurant does a handful of tasty local dishes – you’re safe going with anything that says ‘Maehongson style’ on the English-language menu.
Chinese in Mae Aw & Around

Gee Lee Restaurant

This was one of the first places in Mae Aw to serve the town’s Yunnanese-style Chinese dishes to visitors. Stewed pork leg and stir-fried local vegies are the specialities. It’s at the corner of the lake, just befor…
Thai in Pai

Saengthongaram Market

During the day, Thai-style takeaway food is available from this market.
Northern Thai in Pai

Evening Market

For tasty take-home local-style eats, try the evening market that unfolds every afternoon from about 3pm to sunset.
Thai in Pai

Nong Beer

A long-standing go-to for cheap and authentic Thai eats ranging from kôw soy to curries ladled over rice.