Top Choice Indian in Lopburi

Naan Stop Curry

Not your stereotypical stuffy white-linen Indian restaurant. Here you get a small menu of family recipes prepared fresh when you order, along with a sociable owner and a rock-and-roll soundtrack. It doesn't always o…
Thai in Lopburi

Baan Sahai

Unmistakably Thai, but with a touch of European flair, this little spot chooses to call itself a bistro. The English menu is very limited, so if you don't see what you 're after, just ask; it probably has it. We rec…
International in Lopburi


Free pool, a Blues Brothers' motif on the wall and good food (both Thai and Western) make this Lopburi's chillest backpacker spot. And though the name may look like a typo, 'Matini' means 'come here' in Thai.
Chinese in Lopburi

Khao Tom Hor

Constantly busy Khao Tom Hor offers Thai-Chinese dishes, including salid tôrd (deep-fried salted fish). Service is speedy and the food is delicious.
Thai in Lopburi

Pae Ban Rim Nam

This floating restaurant, specialising in seafood, is the most pleasant eating place in the old town. You can feed the fish while waiting for your food to arrive.
Thai in Lopburi

Noom Guesthouse

Noom sets itself apart with its big breakfast menu spanning muesli to jóhk (boiled rice).
Thai in Lopburi

Night Market

The best bet for a cheap dinner in the old town.