Top Choice Viewpoint in Loei

Phu Bo Bit Forest Park

If you want to harden up your legs for Loei's national parks, Phu Bo Bit gives you 600 steep steps to practice on, and rewards your effort with great 360-degree views of the town and the surrounding mountains. It's …
Museum in Loei

Loei Cultural Centre

The little Loei Cultural Centre is found 5km north of town at Rajabhat University. If you aren't visiting Dan Sai, you can see some Phi Ta Khon festival masks and photos here.
Museum in Loei

Loei Museum

This museum sits in the same stately old building as the tourist office, on the 2nd floor. It contains mostly posters and written commentary, but does have some displays on the region's Tai Phuan and Tai Dam people,…
Monument in Loei

Lak Meung (City Pillar)

The city pillar sits along the San Chao Pho Kut Pong Shrine, on the banks of the Mae Nam Loei, and is a great area for evening walks.