Top Choice Thai in Chiang Khan

Ting Song Tam

One of our favourite restaurants in Loei Province. There's a full Isan menu but its speciality is đôrng dêng noodles (a super-thick version of kà·nŏm jeen), which are made fresh when you order. Add them to your sôm·…
Top Choice Thai in Loei

Khao Tom Raeng Ngan

As busy as the street it sits on, this place serves not only the rice soup (kôw đôm) it's named after, but hundreds of other dishes, and the place is happy to improvise if what you want isn't on the menu. The servic…
Top Choice Thai in Chiang Khan

Rabiang Rim Khong

This place has been popular with locals since long before the tourism boom. The prices have risen a bit since those good old days and the building has changed, but the quality has not dropped.
Thai in Loei

Noi Tam Suea @ Loei

This popular restaurant has all the expected Isan foods including þlah pŏw (grilled fish) and duck lâhp, plus several less common options including sôm·đam made with đôrng dêng noodles, a super-thick version of the …
Thai in Chiang Khan

Jer Loei

From the decor to the music, this is a full-on Thai 'indy' place, and the seating is close enough to the river to catch a sunset view. The small menu is big on Thai-style salads and Isan đôm sâep soups. There's no E…
Coffee in Loei

Phuloei Coffee

This hometown-proud spot serves good locally grown coffee and delicious baked goods.
Thai in Loei

Walking Street

Not to be confused with an actual Walking Street market (which takes place in front of the post office on Saturday nights), this is just a typical night market. It has all the expected Thai and Isan dishes.
Thai in Dan Sai

Dan Sai Night Market

Across from Dan Sai's municipal market you'll find a few food carts selling Thai and Isan food, including the local version of sôm·đam, which doesn't use any fish sauce.
Pizza in Chiang Khan


There are some pastas, burgers and Thai standards, but this attractive wooden place is all about the thin-crust pizzas, which are really quite good. They deliver.
Thai in Chiang Khan

Kit Theung

Attached to the Suk Somboon hotel, this restaurant shares the same dark-wood ambience and lovely views of the Mekong. The food is standard-quality Thai fare.