Top Choice Thai in Lampang

Khun Manee

Lampang is known for its addictive kôw đǎan (deep-fried rice cakes seasoned with watermelon juice and drizzled with palm sugar). You can pick up a few bags and watch the sweets being made at this homey factory just …
Thai in Lampang

Phat Thai Yay Fong

How do northern Thais take their pàt tai? With minced pork and pork rinds, of course. This popular stall is located just east of Wat Suan Dok. There's no Roman-script sign.
Thai in Lampang

Kong Kin Baan Hao

This local favourite is most popular after dark when a bottle of whisky is regarded as a typical side dish. Flip through the English-language menu’s Local Cuisine pages for northern Thai staples such as gaang kaa gò…
Market in Lampang

Evening Market

Self-caterers or those interested in local eats will want to check out Lampang’s evening market, where steaming baskets of sticky rice and dozens of sides to dip it in are on daily display.
Thai in Lampang

Aroy One Baht

Some nights it can seem like everybody in Lampang is here, and understandably so: the food is tasty and embarrassingly cheap, and the setting in a wooden house is heaps of fun.
American in Lampang

Long Jim

New York-style pizza – available by the slice on Saturday and Sunday – as well as pasta dishes, soups and salads, all overseen by an authentic American.
Thai in Lampang

Mae Hae

Boost your Lampang foodie street cred by eating at this unassuming and long-standing northern Thai-style restaurant. There’s no menu, so simply point to the soup, curry, dip or salad that looks tastiest. There's no …
International in Lampang

The Riverside

This wooden shack that appears to be on the verge of tumbling into Mae Wang is a hit with both visiting and resident foreigners. Live music, a full bar and a thick menu of local and Western dishes bring in the crowd…