Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Chedi Sao

This temple is named for the 20 (sow in northern Thai) whitewashed Lanna-style chedi on its grounds. But the wát’s real treasure is a solid-gold, 15th-century seated Buddha on display in a glassed-in pavilion, built…
Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao

The main chedi shows Hariphunchai influence, while the adjacent mon·dòp (the small square-sided building with a spire) was built in 1909. The mon·dòp is decorated with glass mosaic in typical Burmese style and conta…
Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Lai Hin

If you’re visiting Wat Phra That Lampang Luang and you’ve got your own transport, you might also consider a visit to beautiful Wat Lai Hin, also near Ko Kha. Built by artists from Kengtung (also known as Kyaingtong …
Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Pongsanuk Tai

Despite having lost much of its character in a renovation, the mon·dòp at Wat Pongsanuk Tai is still one of the few remaining local examples of original Lanna-style temple architecture, which emphasised open-sided w…
Museum in Lampang

Baan Sao Nak

A huge Lanna-style house built in 1895 and supported by 116 square teak pillars, Baan Sao Nak was once owned by a local kun·yĭng (a title equivalent to ‘Lady’ in England); it now serves as a local museum. The entire…
Museum in Lampang

Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum

Dhanabadee claims to be the first producer of the emblematic ‘chicken bowls’ used across Thailand. In 2013, the company opened its doors to visitors and began running guided tours that span a history of the chicken …
Area in Lampang

Th Talad Gao

Lampang’s multicultural history can be seen along this riverside street, which is lined with old homes, temples and shophouses showcasing Thai, English, Chinese and Burmese architectural styles. It’s also where the…
Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Si Rong Meuang

Wat Si Rong Meuang was built in the late 19th century by Burmese artisans. The temple building was constructed in the Burmese ‘layered’ style, with tin roofs gabled by intricate woodcarvings.
Museum in Lampang

Phum Lakhon Museum

A brief but engaging museum that employs multimedia displays to tell the story of the history, people and culture of Lampang.
Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Si Chum

Yet another of Lampang’s ornate, Burmese-style temples, Wat Si Chum dates back to 1912.