Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Tour: 4-Hour Grand Royal Palace Tour from Bangkok

Bangkok’s Grand Palace and the temple complex of Wat Phra Kaew belong to some of the most remarkable building complexes in world. They were founded by King Rama 1 in 1782 when Bangkok became the new capital of the country.
4 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Day Nan Loop Motorcycle Tour from Chiang Mai

The “Nan Loop” will not only take you to see ancient historical parts of Thailand: charming Nan, unseen Phrae and beautiful Sirikit dam. In three days you will also ride almost 900 kms. We know what you want: great roads, no traffic, no speed cams and stunning scenery. The “Nan Loop” can deliver all that. Ride the famous highway No. 1148, ranked as one of the top 10 best riding roads all over the world. This amazing motorcycle road takes us through fabulous mountain scenery to Nan. Ride along the unique panorama of the border between Laos and Thailand. Cross the Sirikit dam reservoir on a wooden ferry. Visit the Thai elephant conservation center and world´s first elephant hospital. A Real Motorcycle Tour for Real Riders!
3 days
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Lampang Escape

This tour will take you to the charming city of Lampang, a leading center of Lanna culture. Lampang is much older than Chiang Mai and has some of the most beautiful temples of Northern Thailand. Lampang is also known at Muang Rot Ma (city of horse carts). In the 19th century Lampang became a center of teak logging with at least 4000 elephants working in the area. You will visit historical sites, ancient temples, local markets, a ceramics museum, the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre and the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation.
1 day
Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Full-Day Rustic Roads of Lampang from Chiang Mai

Within proximity of Chiang Mai, Lampang’s tourism flow requires in following a more rustic path. We intend to include the spiritual must-sees of but add some natural splendor and a taste of what may be your new favorite Thai snack during this full day.
8.5 hours