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Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao

The main chedi shows Hariphunchai influence, while the adjacent mon·dòp (the small square-sided building with a spire) was built in 1909. The mon·dòp is decorated with glass mosaic in typical Burmese style and conta…
Buddhist Temple in Lampang

Wat Chedi Sao

This temple is named for the 20 (sow in northern Thai) whitewashed Lanna-style chedi on its grounds. But the wát’s real treasure is a solid-gold, 15th-century seated Buddha on display in a glassed-in pavilion, built…
Museum in Lampang

Baan Sao Nak

A huge Lanna-style house built in 1895 and supported by 116 square teak pillars, Baan Sao Nak was once owned by a local kun·yĭng (a title equivalent to ‘Lady’ in England); it now serves as a local museum. The entire…
Northern Thai in Lampang

Khun Manee

Lampang is known for its addictive kôw đǎan (deep-fried rice cakes seasoned with watermelon juice and drizzled with palm sugar). You can pick up a few bags and watch the sweets being made this homey factory just off…
Thai in Lampang

Aroy One Baht

Some nights it can seem like everybody in Lampang is here, and understandably so: the food is tasty and embarrassingly cheap, and the setting in a wooden house is a lot of fun.
in Lampang

Pet Yang Hong Kong

This is the best spot for roast duck with rice (or noodles). It’s opposite Kim Hotel, near several other rice and noodle joints.
Thai in Lampang

Grandma's Café

Stop by this contemporary-feeling cafe for decent java and a menu of rice dishes that rarely exceeds the 50B barrier.
Northern Thai in Lampang

Kong Kin Baan Hao

This local favourite is most popular after dark when a bottle of whisky is regarded as a typical side dish. Flip through the English-language menu’s Local Cuisine pages for northern Thai staples such as gaang kaa gò…
Elephant Interaction in Thai Elephant Conservation Center & Around

FAE’s Elephant Hospital

Located next door to the TECC (but not affiliated) is this hospital, which claims to be the first of its kind in the world. Although visitors are appreciated and provided for, keep in mind that this is a functioning…
Museum in Lampang

Lanna Museum