Top Choice Fusion in Ko Samui

Dining On The Rocks

Samui’s ultimate dining experience takes place on nine cantilevered verandahs of weathered teak and bamboo that yawn over the gulf. After sunset (and wine), guests feel like they’re dining on a barge set adrift on a…
Top Choice Bakery in Ko Samui

La Fabrique

Ceiling fans chop the air and service is snappy and helpful at this roomy French-styled boulangerie/patisserie away from the main drag, near Wat Lamai on Rte 4169. Choose from fresh bread, croissants, gratins, bague…
Top Choice Steak in Ko Samui


All sharp lines, open kitchen/grill, a team of busy and super-efficient staff plus a cracker of a menu, this awesome burger restaurant is a visual and culinary feast. Burgers and steaks – bursting with flavour – are…
Top Choice European in Ko Samui


This restaurant/bar/gastropub pulls out the stops in an invigorating menu of classic fare in a relaxing and tasteful setting, supported by a strong selection of wines and zesty cocktails. It's a winning formula, wit…
Top Choice Italian in Ko Samui


Pepenero has caused quite a stir on Ko Samui. What this excellent and neatly designed Italian restaurant lacks in views, is more than made up for by a terrific menu (including cutting boards with cheese and cold cut…
Top Choice French in Ko Samui

Chez François

With no à la carte menu, but a reputation for outstanding cuisine that has sent waves across the culinary map of Ko Samui, Chez Francois serves a three-course surprise meal. Book ahead using the Facebook page and if…
Italian in Ko Samui


Renovated and zestfully refreshed with a new bar/lounge zone, this cool restaurant serves up tantalising Italian cuisine, with a strong selection of vegetarian dishes, backed up by a tempting wine list.
Bakery in Ko Samui

Angela’s Bakery

Duck through the screen of hanging plants into this beloved bakery, smelling of fresh bread and hospitality. Angela’s sandwiches and cakes have kept many Western expats from wasting away in the land of rice.
Fusion in Ko Samui


If you can’t afford to stay at the ultra-swanky Library, have a meal at its beachside restaurant. It's not cheap, but lunch is a bit more casual and affordable, although you’ll miss the designer lighting effects in …
Seafood in Ko Samui

Bang Po Seafood

A meal at Bang Po Seafood is a test for the taste buds. It’s one of the only restaurants that serves traditional Ko Samui fare: recipes call for ingredients such as raw sea urchin roe, baby octopus, sea water, cocon…