Most visitors quickly adopt the lazy lifestyle and wind up eating at their accommodation, which is a shame as Ko Pha-Ngan has some excellent restaurants scattered around the island; at the very least, it's another reason to get exploring.

Hat Rin

Hat Rin has a large conglomeration of restaurants and bars on the island, yet many of them are pretty average so it's not worth coming here for the food alone.

Southern Beaches

In recent years Thong Sala has attracted many new excellent restaurants, so spend some time dining here. There are also some well-established cafes that do excellent business and are among the best places on the island for breakfast. There are some superb restaurants and cafes dotted along the road between Thong Sala and Hat Rin.

On Saturday evenings from 4pm to 10pm, a side street in the eastern part of Thong Sala becomes a fun Walking Street – a bustling pedestrian zone mostly filled with locals hawking their wares to other islanders. There’s plenty on offer, from clothing to food.