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Top Choice Thai in Ko Lipe

Nee Papaya

Delightful Nee offers an affordable fish grill nightly, all the standard curries (including a dynamite beef pá·naang), noodles and stir-fries (beef, chicken, seafood or veggie), along with an array of fiery Isan dis…
Top Choice Seafood in Ko Lipe


Every second restaurant on Lipe offers fresh seafood barbecue, but this is the one the locals patronise the most. The other dishes on the menu are also great, especially the salads. The ramshackle, slightly tucked a…
Dive Site in Ko Lipe


Rated by many divers as one of the top five dive sites in all Thailand, Stonehenge has beautiful soft corals, resident seahorses and rare leopard sharks.
International in Ko Lipe

Elephant Coffee House

The bar is a long-tail, secondhand books are for sale and black-and-white local-life photos are plastered across varnished-concrete walls. Pop into this coolly contemporary cafe for fabulous all-day breakfasts of th…
Spanish in Ko Lipe

The Box

If you fancy a break from curries and seafood grills (it happens), order a tinto de verano (red wine with lemonade) and a parade of authentically good Spanish tapas specials at this casually elegant, modern, wood-cl…
Seafood in Ko Lipe

Rak Lay

No frills at this large space – plastic chairs and minimal decoration – but that doesn't stop the hordes of Asian travellers who make tracks here for the tantalising array of fresh seafood laid out on ice every even…
Seafood in Ko Lipe


Daya's is arguably the best of the seafood barbecues put on nightly by Hat Pattaya’s resorts. You pay by the weight of the fish you choose to be grilled. It costs a little more than you'd pay elsewhere but you are r…
Island in Ko Lipe

Ko Usen

Ko Usen, one of the little islands opposite Hat Sunrise, has some good coral. Most resorts rent out mask-and-snorkel sets and fins (200B). Take care with long-tails, which don't always spot snorkellers and swimmers.
Island in Ko Lipe

Ko Kra

There’s good coral around Ko Kra, one of the little islands opposite Hat Sunrise, but be aware of, and take care around, oncoming long-tails. Most resorts rent out mask-and-snorkel sets and fins for 100B each.
Dive Site in Ko Lipe

Eight Mile Rock

Eight Mile Rock is a deep pinnacle that attracts devil rays and the (very) rare whale shark. It's the only site in the area to see pelagics.