Khun Yuam attractions

Museum in Khun Yuam

Thai-Japan Friendship Memorial Hall

At the northern end of town is the recently renovated Thai-Japan Friendship Memorial Hall. After watching a brief film on the history of Khun Yuam, you’ll find displays and artefacts that document the period when th…
Buddhist Temple in Khun Yuam

Wat To Phae

About 6km to the west of Khun Yuam, the atmospheric Wat To Phae sits alongside a rural stream and boasts a Mon-style chedi (stupa) and an immaculate Burmese-style wí·hăhn (sanctuary). Inside the latter, take a look …
Village in Khun Yuam

Ban Mae U Khaw

On the slopes of Doi Mae U Khaw, 25km from Khun Yuam via Rte 1263, is the Hmong village of Ban Mae U Khaw. During late November the area blooms with scenic Mexican sunflowers, known locally as dòrk boo·a đorng. This…
Waterfall in Khun Yuam

Nam Tok Mae Surin

Approximately 50km from Khun Yam is the 100m-high Nam Tok Mae Surin, part of Mae Surin National Park and reportedly Thailand’s highest waterfall.