Arts & Crafts in Khon Kaen


There's an impressively large selection of silk here, both fabric and finished clothing, plus plenty of other souvenirs. Combined with the adjoining Thammoo Art-Decor, it makes a perfect one-stop shop.
Food in Khon Kaen

Naem Lablae

Few Thai visitors leave Khon Kaen without stuffing their suitcase full of local foods: gun chee·ang (red pork sausages) are especially popular, and this family-owned shop has been making its own for decades. Kà·nŏm …
Arts & Crafts in Khon Kaen

Thammoo Art-Decor

This large, interesting store sells much of the expected, but also some quality and unconventional souvenirs and household ornaments. There are also artworks made by the owner, who often paints while sitting at the …
Market in Khon Kaen

Ton Tann Green Market

Ton Tann is an attractive open space where some of vendors sell modern handmade crafts. There's also a fashion zone, an art gallery and many restaurants.
Arts & Crafts in Khon Kaen

Sueb San

A small shop behind a pan-pipe arch stocking a few natural-dyed fabrics plus some creative handmade notebooks, postcards, bags and other souvenirs.
Arts & Crafts in Khon Kaen

Rin Thai Silk

This store creates silk dresses and skirts and also sells fabric, including mát·mèe. The emphasis is on quality and many brides-to-be come here for high-quality garments.
Sweets in Khon Kaen

Tasty Chocolat

Isan's very own gourmet chocolate shop has both imported Belgian and home-made chocolates. It's far from the city centre, near the university.
Shopping Centre in Khon Kaen

Central Plaza

One of the biggest shopping malls in Isan. Has a branch of the English-language Asia Books.