Top Choice Thai in Khon Kaen

Pa Ouan 2

This popular Isan restaurant between Wat Nong Wang and Bueng Kaen Nakhon has a larger than normal menu spanning the expected gài yâhng and duck lâhp to seldom-encountered foods such as lotus stalk ('lai bua') sôm·đa…
Top Choice Thai in Khon Kaen

Gai Yang Rabeab

Many Thais believe Khon Kaen Province makes Thailand's best gài yâhng (marinated grilled chicken), and this simple joint, serving an all-Isan menu, gets the most nods as best of the best in the city.
Top Choice Coffee in Khon Kaen

Slove U Coffee

Khon Kaen's youthful population has spawned many good coffee shops, and this friendly, attractively cluttered one is one of our favourites. They roast their own beans, have a couple of bikes to use, run a hostel ups…
Thai in Khon Kaen


This superb place combines one of the best kitchens in town with a covered garden to create the perfect place for a night out, rain or shine. The þá·sá þlah chôrn (a hot and sour curry with snakehead fish) and đam t…
Thai in Khon Kaen

Somtom Internet

This rustic spot is always busy for good reason – there's no better sôm·đam in Khon Kaen. It also does grilled chicken and fried fish. It's an English-free zone, but it doesn't matter much because everything availab…
Juice in Khon Kaen


This bright, relaxing shop and its friendly owner serves top-notch coffees, teas and smoothies. Much of it's organic and all of it's fresh and delicious. She usually has some of her homemade low-sugar baked goods ar…
Italian in Khon Kaen


In the middle of the lively area around the Pullman Raja Orchid, this place makes some excellent pastas and pizzas, and the service is good too.
Thai in Khon Kaen

Night Market

For cheap but delirious eats, the city’s main night market is a good one.
International in Khon Kaen

Fine House

Our first choice for fa·ràng food (other than Italian) in Khon Kaen, this attractive little restaurant is run by a Thai couple who cooked at some four-star hotels around Thailand before returning home to be their ow…
International in Khon Kaen

Pavilion Café

The principal restaurant of the Pullman Raja Orchid hotel features an excellent international buffet.