Top ChoiceBuddhist Temple in Khon Kaen

Wat Nong Wang

Down at the south end of the lake, Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon, the gorgeous nine-storey stupa at the heart of this important temple, makes this Khon Kaen's one must-see attraction. It features enlightening modern...

Top ChoiceThai in Khon Kaen


This superb place combines one of the best kitchens in town with a covered garden to create the perfect place for a night out, rain or shine. The þá·sá þlah chôrn (hot and sour curry with snakehead fish) and đam...

Top ChoiceCafe in Khon Kaen

Slove U Coffee

Khon Kaen's youthful population has spawned many good coffee shops, but this friendly, attractively cluttered, front-terrace cafe is our favourite. It roasts its own beans (grown in Chiang Mai) in a traditional...

Top ChoiceThai in Khon Kaen

Somtom Internet

This popular, no-frills local joint is always busy for good reason – there's no better sôm·đam in Khon Kaen. It also does grilled chicken, sticky rice and fried fish. It's an English-free zone, but it doesn't...

Top ChoiceThai in Khon Kaen

Gai Yang Rabeab

Many Thais believe Khon Kaen Province makes Thailand's best gài yâhng (marinated grilled chicken), and this simple joint, serving an all-Isan menu, gets the most nods as best of the best in the city. If you want...

Top ChoiceMarket in Khon Kaen

Walking Street Market

In the spirit of Chiang Mai's weekend street markets (but not touristy like them), hundreds of vendors take over Th Na Sunratchakan. Many of them sell handbags, T-shirts, postcards, picture frames and other...

Thai in Khon Kaen

Pa Ouan 2

This popular Isan restaurant right beside Wat Nong Wang and overlooking the lake from its upstairs terrace has a menu spanning gài yâhng and duck lâhp as well as 19 kinds of sôm·đam. The English menu is tiny...

Arts & Crafts in Khon Kaen

Sueb San

This cute little shop behind a pan-pipe arch stocks natural-dyed fabrics plus some creative handmade notebooks, postcards, bags and other souvenirs, and is run by a charming lady.

Buddhist Temple in Khon Kaen

Wat Pho Ban Nontan

Just off the lake, this peaceful tree-filled temple and noted meditation centre pre-dates the city and has a săh·lah like no other in Thailand. The ground floor is covered with sculpted trees, animals and village...

Market in Khon Kaen

Rim Bueng Market

This buzzing little lakeside evening market features a whole stretch of street-food stalls selling everything from barbecued skewers and grilled fish to tropical fruits and ready-made portions of mango sticky...

Lake in Khon Kaen

Bueng Kaen Nakhon

This 100-hectare lake is the most pleasant place in town to spend some time, and the paths hugging its shore link quite a few interesting spots. There's bike hire and pedal-boat hire near the evening Rim Bueng...

Bar in Khon Kaen


Housed in a charming old wooden building, Yentek's most endearing feature is in fact its tree-shaded front courtyard, where there's live music from around 8pm most nights. There's a full food menu (in Thai only,...

Bar in Khon Kaen

Der La Jazz

Two bars in one, Der La Jazz serves cocktails and ice-cold lager from its main terraced area, where there's live music every night from 9pm, and a choice of around a dozen craft beers from its Monsakod Tap Bar in...

Chinese in Khon Kaen

Nan Yuan Noodles

Popular south-Chinese restaurant chain with easy-to-order English photo menu. It does rice, soups and roast duck dishes as well as its signature noodles.

Arts & Crafts in Khon Kaen


There's an impressively large selection of silk here, both fabric and finished clothing, plus plenty of other souvenirs.

Buddhist Temple in Khon Kaen

Wat Pa Thama Uthayan

Spread over the vast grounds of this peaceful temple, 10km north of the city, are many beautiful monuments, including a 23m-tall white walking Buddha image, and many sculptures aimed at children. It has become a...

Museum in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen National Museum

This collection of artefacts spans prehistoric times to the present. Highlights are Ban Chiang–era pottery and a beautiful Dvaravati bai săir·mah (temple boundary marker) depicting Princess Pimpa cleaning Lord...

Food in Khon Kaen

Naem Lablae

Few Thai visitors leave Khon Kaen without stuffing their suitcase full of local foods: gun chee·ang (red pork sausages) are especially popular, and this family-owned shop has been making its own for decades....

Temple in Khon Kaen

Sanjao Bueng Tao Gong Ma

This is Khon Kaen's biggest and most impressive Chinese temple. It's beautiful at night, and you can sometimes see people practising dragon and lion dancing then. There's a large Guan-Im (Chinese Goddess of...