Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Kanchanaburi

Wat Tham Seua

The centrepiece of this hilltop temple is a striking 18m-tall Buddha covered in a golden mosaic. It's an important merit-making stop for Thais and one of the methods is to drop coins in small trays on a conveyor bel…
Top Choice Historic Site in Kanchanaburi

Death Railway Bridge

The famous 300m railway bridge still retains its power and symbolism, especially if you visit early or late enough in the day to bypass the tourist scrum. Its centre was destroyed by Allied bombs in 1945, so only th…
Top Choice Cemetery in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

The largest of Kanchanaburi's two war cemeteries, immaculately maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, is right in town. Of the 6981 soldiers buried here, nearly half were British; the rest came mainly…
Top Choice Museum in Kanchanaburi

Thailand–Burma Railway Centre

This modern, informative museum explains Kanchanaburi's role in WWII and ensures that the deaths remain a tragedy, not a statistic. The galleries tell the history of the railway, how prisoners were treated and what …
Museum in Kanchanaburi

Jeath War Museum

This small museum contains correspondence and artwork from former POWs that detail their harsh living conditions, plus various personal effects and war relics, including an Allied bomb dropped to destroy the bridge …
Buddhist Temple in Kanchanaburi

Wat Ban Tham

In the countryside around Kanchanaburi city, cave temples are almost as common as 7-Elevens inside the city, and this is one of the most interesting. Walk up the steps and into the dragon's mouth to reach the large,…
Museum in Kanchanaburi

WWII Museum

Perhaps the best thing to say about this place is that the view of the Death Railway Bridge is great. The top of the tower in the northwest corner is the best viewpoint. The museum itself is an eclectic and ramshack…
Buddhist Temple in Kanchanaburi

Wat Tham Khao Pun

The nearest cave to the city has a marked path through its many chambers. It's easy overall, but you'll need to duck through several passages. The chamber painted white near the exit was a Japanese wartime hospital.…
Cemetery in Kanchanaburi

Chung Kai War Cemetery

Chung Kai was the site one of the biggest Allied prisoner-of-war camp during WWII and prisoners built their own hospital and church close to here. Smaller and less visited, but just as well maintained, as the cemete…
Landmark in Kanchanaburi

Lak Meuang

City pillar shrine.