Top Choice Thai in Kamphaeng Phet

Bamee Chakangrao

Thin wheat and egg noodles (bà·mèe) are a speciality of Kamphaeng Phet, and this famous restaurant is one of the best places to try them. The noodles are made fresh every day behind the restaurant, and pork satay is…
Chinese in Kamphaeng Phet


Long-standing Kitti excels at seafood-forward, Chinese-style dining. Try the unusual but delicious fried chicken with cashew nuts, which also includes pickled garlic and slices of sweet pork.
Thai in Kamphaeng Phet

Mae Ping Riverside

Decent eats, draught beer and live music can be found here, on the west bank of Mae Nam Ping. There are a few other similar riverside places along this strip.
Thai in Kamphaeng Phet

Night Market

For cheap Thai eats, a busy night market sets up every evening near the river just north of the Navarat Hotel.