Top Choice Chinese in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Koti

Across from the night market, this Thai-Chinese restaurant is a national culinary luminary. Thais adore the fried crab balls, while foreigners swoon over đôm yam gûng (shrimp soup with lemon grass). And everyone lov…
Market in Hua Hin

Chatchai Market

The city’s day market resides in an historic building built in 1926 with a distinctive seven-eaved roof in honour of Rama VII. There are the usual market refreshments: morning vendors selling þah·tôrng·gŏh (Chinese-…
Food Stall in Hua Hin

Sôm·đam Stand

Across from Iammeuang Hotel is a sôm·đam stand that easily wipes out the country’s supply of green papayas in one weekend. Great grilled chicken too. On the other side of the road are more food stalls.
Ice Cream in Hua Hin

Eighteen Below Ice Cream

At the end of the road behind Baan Talay Chine Hotel, this gourmet ice-cream shop is run by a trained chef and specialises in rich and creamy flavours.
Noodles in Hua Hin

Jae Siam

Cruise by this open-air noodle shop, just before the Evergreen Hotel, where Hua Hin civil servants pack in on weekdays and Bangkokians come on weekends. The shop is famous for gŏo·ay đĕe·o mŏo đŭn (stewed pork noodl…
Market in Hua Hin

Night Market

An attraction that rivals the beach, Hua Hin’s night market mixes food and clothes and draws in both locals and visitors. Ice-packed lobsters and king prawns appeal to the big spenders but the fare at simple stir-fr…
Seafood in Hua Hin

Sang Thai Restaurant

One of a number of long-established pier-side restaurants, Sang Thai is a Hua Hin institution and a massive operation. There's a vast choice of seafood housed in giant tanks awaiting your decision. You can eat very …
Thai in Hua Hin

Jek Pia Coffeeshop

More than just a coffee shop, this 50-year-old restaurant is a culinary destination specialising in an extensive array of stir-fried seafood dishes. It's wildly popular with the locals – be prepared to queue for a t…
Food Stall in Hua Hin

Thanon Chomsin Food Stalls

If you’re after 100% authentic eats, check out the food stalls congregated at this popular lunch corner. Though the setting is humble, Thais are fastidious eaters and use a fork (or their fingers with a pinch of kôw…
Market in Hua Hin

Cicada Market

Cicada Market hosts lots of outdoor food stalls at the weekend and is a pleasant, mellow spot with live music from 7pm. It's just before Khao Takiab on the left-hand side of the road. You can catch a green sŏrng·tăa…