Antiques in Hat Patong


Hidden in this dusty antiques repository at the southern end of Patong is a vast array of teak sculpture, Buddha images, delicate paintings, some excellent bronze work, massive buffalo-skin drums, bejewelled royal d…
Shopping Centre in Hat Patong

Jung Ceylon

A gleaming shopping centre with killer air-con. It's home to many major brands (Apple, Starbucks, MNG, Adidas) as well as cinema multiplexes and small-scale massage parlours, while the Phuket-Town–inspired Sino-Phuk…
Art in Hat Patong

Nop Art

Around the Th Rat Uthit and Th Phra Barami intersection, at the north end of Patong, sits a cluster of small art galleries worth a browse if you're looking for some original local artwork. Expect bright, bold canvas…
Art in Hat Patong

Tawan Gallery

Average art – cartoon-like canvases of elephants, serious semi-abstract portraits and Thai landscapes – is on sale from 1000B at this laid-back gallery.
Art in Hat Patong

Hot Art Gallery

Vibrant abstract artworks make this the pick of the local artist galleries on this corner.