Antiques in Hat Patong


Hidden in this dusty antiques repository at the southern end of Patong is a vast array of teak sculpture, Buddha images, delicate paintings, some excellent bronze work, massive buffalo-skin drums, bejewelled royal d…
Shopping Centre in Hat Patong

Jung Ceylon

A gleaming shopping centre with killer air-con and a host of major brands (Starbucks, Mango, Havaianas, the Body Shop) as well as cinema multiplexes and small-scale massage parlours. The Phuket Town–inspired Sino-Ph…
Art in Hat Patong

Nop Art

One of several local artist-owned galleries poised near the Th Rat Uthit and Th Phra Barami intersection, at the north end of Patong. Expect bright, bold canvasses of classic Thai scenes (floating markets, coconut d…
Shopping Centre in Hat Patong

Central Patong

This massive, brand-new megamall, right opposite Jung Ceylon, is slated to open in late 2018. Expect buckets of Thai and international brands.
Art in Hat Patong

Tawan Gallery

Cartoon-like canvasses of elephants, serious semi-abstract portraits, Thai landscapes and a few Phuket scenes are up for grabs at this laid-back gallery-studio space.
Art in Hat Patong

Art Heart Gallery

Vibrant abstract artworks make this an intriguing pick among the local artist galleries on this corner.