Top things to do in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Top Choice Waterfall in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Na Muang Waterfalls

Spilling down from the island's highest points, these two waterfalls – close to each other – are lovely when in full spate, pouring frigid water into rock pools and gushing down towards the blue sea. The larger of t…
Top Choice Area in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Ban Hua Thanon

Just south of Hat Lamai, Hua Thanon is full of photo ops and home to a vibrant Muslim community; its anchorage of high-bowed fishing vessels by the almost deserted beach through the palm trees at the end of the comm…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Wat Racha Thammaram

This temple (the name means Snake Stone Temple) on the south side of Rte 4169 has a recently built red-clay temple hall, decorated with a fascinating display of bas-relief designs and statues. It's an astonishing si…
Top Choice French in Hat Lamai & the Southeast


Grab a free beach towel and crash out on a sun lounger after a full meal at breezy Baobab, or have a massage next door, but seize one of the beach tables (if you can). You'll need two hands to turn over the hefty me…
Top Choice Bakery in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

La Fabrique

Ceiling fans chop the air and service is snappy and helpful at this roomy French-style boulangerie/patisserie away from the main drag, near Wat Lamai on Rte 4169. The place for brekkie, select from fresh bread, croi…
Top Choice French in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

The Dining Room

The signature beef Rossini at this fantastically positioned beachfront restaurant at Rocky's Resort is like sending your taste buds on a Parisian vacation as the views pop you into seventh heaven.
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Wat Samret

At Wat Samret, near Th Ban Hua, you can see a typical Mandalay sitting Buddha carved from solid marble – a common sight in India and northern Thailand, but not so common in the south. There is also a long reclining …
Beach in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Hat Ban Hua Thanon

There might be quite a lot of rubbish here, but this beach just south of the Muslim village of Ban Hua Thanon is a picture for its fishing vessels moored in the water, ancient, disintegrating boats on the sand, kids…
Market in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Hua Thanon Market

Slip into the rhythm of this village market slightly south of Lamai; it's a window into the food ways of southern Thailand. Vendors shoo away the flies from the freshly butchered meat, and housewives load bundles of…
Statue in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Statue of Guanyu

A sign of the mushrooming Chinese tourism to the island, and of Chinese patronage, is this recently constructed colossal statue of Guanyu (also called Guandi). Guanyu was a 3rd-century general from the Three Kingdom…