Hat Lamai & the Southeast attractions

Top Choice Waterfall in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Na Muang Waterfalls

Spilling down from the island's highest points, these two waterfalls – close to each other – are lovely when in full spate, pouring frigid water into rock pools and gushing down towards the blue sea. The larger of t…
Top Choice Area in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Ban Hua Thanon

Just south of Hat Lamai, Hua Thanon is full of photo ops and home to a vibrant Muslim community; its anchorage of high-bowed fishing vessels by the almost deserted beach through the palm trees at the end of the comm…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Wat Racha Thammaram

This temple (the name means Snake Stone Temple) on the south side of Rte 4169 has a recently built red-clay temple hall, decorated with a fascinating display of bas-relief designs and statues. It's an astonishing si…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Wat Samret

At Wat Samret, near Th Ban Hua, you can see a typical Mandalay sitting Buddha carved from solid marble – a common sight in India and northern Thailand, but not so common in the south. There is also a long reclining …
Beach in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Hat Ban Hua Thanon

There might be quite a lot of rubbish here, but this beach just south of the Muslim village of Ban Hua Thanon is a picture for its fishing vessels moored in the water, ancient, disintegrating boats on the sand, kids…
Statue in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Statue of Guanyu

A sign of the mushrooming Chinese tourism to the island, and of Chinese patronage, is this recently constructed colossal statue of Guanyu (also called Guandi). Guanyu was a 3rd-century general from the Three Kingdom…
Buddhist Temple in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Wat Khunaram

South of Rte 4169 between Th Ban Thurian and Th Ban Hua, Wat Khunaram contains the mummified remains of a pious monk. The temple abbot, Luang Phaw Daeng, has been dead for over four decades but his corpse is preserv…
Waterfall in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Na Muang Waterfall 2

The smaller of the two Na Muang falls is accessed via the rather miserable Na Muang Safari Park where you can pose for snaps with a tiger or leopard, or feed an elephant bananas (all for a fee, and not recommended).
Landmark in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Hin-Ta & Hin-Yai

At the south end of Hat Lamai, you’ll find these infamous genitalia-shaped stone formations (also known as Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks) that provide endless mirth for giggling Thai tourists.
Mosque in Hat Lamai & the Southeast

Ko Samui Central Mosque

At the heart of the community, this delightful green, gold and white painted mosque is in Ban Hua Thanon, along the main drag as you head towards the beach.