Cultural in Bangkok

Royal Ploughing Ceremony

His Majesty the King (or lately the Crown Prince) commences rice-planting season with a ceremony at Sanam Luang. Dates vary.
Cultural in Bangkok

Loi Krathong

A beautiful festival where, on the night of the full moon, small lotus-shaped boats made of banana leaf and containing a lit candle are set adrift on Mae Nam Chao Phraya.
Cultural in Bangkok

Chinese New Year

Thai-Chinese celebrate the lunar New Year with a week of housecleaning, lion dances and fireworks. Most festivities centre on Chinatown. Dates vary.
Cultural in Bangkok

Kite-Flying Season

During the windy season, colourful kites battle it out over the skies of Sanam Luang and Lumphini Park.
Cultural in Bangkok


The celebration of the Thai New Year has morphed into a water war with high-powered water guns and water balloons being launched at suspecting and unsuspecting participants. The most intense water battles take place…
Cultural in Bangkok

Queen's Birthday

The queen's birthday is recognised as Mother's Day throughout the country. In Bangkok, festivities centre on Th Ratchadamnoen and the Grand Palace.
Food & Drink in Bangkok

Vegetarian Festival

A 10-day Chinese-Buddhist festival wheels out yellow-bannered streetside vendors serving meatless meals. The greatest concentration of vendors is found in Chinatown. Dates vary.
Cultural in Bangkok

King Chulalongkorn Day

Rama V is honoured on the anniversary of his death at the Royal Plaza in Dusit. Crowds of devotees come to make merit with incense and flower garlands.
Cultural in Bangkok

King's Birthday/Father's Day

Locals celebrate their monarch's birthday with lots of parades and fireworks.
Fair in Bangkok

Wat Saket Fair

The grandest of Bangkok’s temple fairs (ngahn wát) is held at Wat Saket and the Golden Mount around Loi Krathong. The temple grounds turn into a colourful, noisy fair selling flowers, incense, bells, saffron cloth …