Top things to do in Deep South

Buddhist Temple in Narathiwat

Wat Khao Kong

The tallest seated-Buddha image in southern Thailand is at Wat Khao Kong, 6km southwest of town on the way to the train station in Tanyongmat. Located in a park, the image is 17m long and 24m high, and made of reinf…
Buddhist Temple in Yala

Wat Kuha Pi Muk

Located 8km west of town on the road connecting Yala to Hat Yai (Rte 409), this Srivijaya-period cave temple features a reclining Buddha that dates back to AD 757. A statue of a giant guards the temple’s entrance, a…
Mosque in Narathiwat

Matsayit Klang

Towards the southern end of Th Pichitbumrung stands Matsayit Klang, a wooden mosque built in the Sumatran style and known locally as the 'old central mosque'. It was reputedly built by a prince of the former kingdom…
Mosque in Pattani

Matsayit Klang

One of Thailand’s largest mosques, the Matsayit Klang is a traditional structure with a green hue and is probably still the south’s most important mosque, dating to the 1960s. Non-Muslims can enter outside of prayer…
Beach in Narathiwat

Hat Narathat

Just north of town is Hat Narathat, a 5km-long sandy beach fronted by towering pines, which serves as a public park for locals. The beach is only 2km from the town centre – you can easily walk there.
Thai in Narathiwat


Perched over the river, you have a choice of two terraces to dine on here, with a wide selection of seafood dishes available, as well as vegie options; alcohol is served.
Beach in Narathiwat

Ao Manao

Five kilometres south of town, Ao Manao is a superb strip of palm tree-fringed sand. You'll likely have it all to yourself, unless it's a public or Muslim holiday.
Chinese in Narathiwat

Ang Mo

This popular Chinese restaurant is both cheap and tasty, and has even fed members of the Thai royal family.
Thai in Pattani

Night Market

Pattani shuts down far earlier than most Thai towns, but the night market offers solid seafood, as well as southern Thai-style curries and the usual noodle and fried-rice options.
Malaysian in Sungai Kolok

Kakyah Restaurant

Decent Malaysian food is on offer at this reliable, alcohol-free, Muslim-run place.