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Kook Noy Kitchen

Just a concrete floor, a corrugated roof and a chaotic kitchen turning out central and southern Thai dishes you know like đôm yam with free-range chicken and crab fried rice, plus many you probably don't, including …
International in Chumphon

Pirates Terrace

Right at the centre of the beach, this is a popular spot for breakfast, a daytime coffee or a drink in the evening. The menu mixes Thai classics with pizza and pasta. They can also book tickets and rent motorbikes f…
Thai in Chumphon


This wannabe fancy place has dishes from across the kingdom, from southern gaang sôm fish curry to northeastern mushroom lâhp, one of many vegetarian dishes.
Thai in Chumphon

OK Restaurant

A large open-air all-you-can-eat mŏo gà·tá buffet that's pretty much always packed. Pick your ingredients and cook your own soup at your table.
Market in Chumphon

Night Market

Chumphon’s night market is excellent for food with a huge variety available, but not too pleasant for dining since it runs along a very busy road.