Top Choice Thai in Chiang Khong

Khao Soi Pa Orn

You may think you know kôw soy, the famous northern curry noodle soup, but the version served in Chiang Khong forgoes the curry broth and replaces it with clear soup topped with a rich, spicy minced-pork mixture. A …
Top Choice Northern Thai in Chiang Rai

Lung Eed

One of Chiang Rai’s most delicious dishes is available at this simple shophouse restaurant. There’s an English-language menu on the wall, but don’t miss the sublime Lap kai (minced chicken fried with local spices an…
Chinese in Mae Salong (Santikhiri)

Salema Restaurant

One of the friendliest restaurants in town also happens to be the most delicious. Salema does tasty Muslim-Chinese dishes, including a rich Yunnan-style beef curry and a deliciously tart tuna and tea-leaves spicy sa…
Chinese in Mae Salong (Santikhiri)

Sue Hai

Just east of the town centre, this simple, family-run tea shop and Chinese restaurant has an English-language menu of local specialities, including local mushrooms fried with soy sauce and delicious air-dried pork f…
Cafe in Mae Salong (Santikhiri)

Sweet Maesalong

If you require more caffeine than the local tea leaves can provide, stop by this modern cafe with an extensive menu of coffee drinks using local beans. Surprisingly sophisticated baked goods and one-plate dishes are…
Vietnamese in Chiang Rai

Namnigew Pa Nuan

This semi-concealed place (there's no roman-script sign) serves a unique mix of Vietnamese and northern Thai dishes. Tasty food, friendly service and a fun barn-like atmosphere – wouldn't it be great if it was open …
Northern Thai in Chiang Rai

Khao Soi Phor Jai

Phor Jai serves mild but tasty bowls of the eponymous curry noodle dish, as well as a few other northern Thai staples. There's no roman-script sign, but look for the open-air shophouse with the blue interior.
Northern Thai in Chiang Rai

Paa Suk

Paa Suk does big, rich bowls of kà·nŏm jeen nám ngée·o (a broth of pork or beef and tomatoes served over fresh rice noodles). The restaurant is between Soi 4 and Soi 5 of Th Sankhongnoi (the street is called Th …
Thai in Chiang Rai

Phu Lae

This air-conditioned restaurant is popular with Thai tourists for its tasty but somewhat gentrified northern Thai fare. Recommended local dishes include the gaang hang·lair (pork belly in a rich Burmese-style curry)…
Chinese in Chiang Saen

Kiaw Siang Hai

Serving the workers of Chinese boats that dock at Chiang Saen, this authentic Chinese restaurant prepares a huge menu of dishes in addition to the namesake dumplings. Try the spicy Sichuan-style fried tofu or one of…