Top Choice Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Thanin

North of the old city off Th Chotana (Th Chang Pheuak), this market specialises in ready-to-eat gàp kôw (premade food served with rice) meals, with a whole rear section jammed with vendors offering fish stews, curri…
Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Pratu Chang Pheuak

Sprawling west along Th Mani Noraphat from the city's northern gate, this market serves all the usual suspects, alongside Chiang Mai's most famous kôw kăh mŏo (slow-cooked pork leg with rice), prepared with a flouri…
Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Pratu Chiang Mai

In the early morning, this market is Chiang Mai’s larder, selling foodstuffs and ready-made dishes. If you want to make merit to the monks, come early and find the woman who sells pre-assembled food donations (20B);…
Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Na Mor

This night market is filled with food and fashion for the college set; energy levels are high and so is the volume, but prices for excellent street food (fast food, Thai curries, sushi) are a bargain. The student re…
Market in Chiang Mai

Night Market

Every evening, this parking lot north of Halal St fills with food and drink vendors and loud music.
Market in Chiang Mai

Anusarn Food Center

Behind the Anusarn souvenir market, the Anusarn Food Center has a neat gaggle of hawker-style stalls selling Thai-Chinese standards, and a collection of restaurants serving live seafood cooked your way (grilled, fri…
Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Somphet

A small local food market north of Pratu Tha Phae that transforms into a night market after hours. Many of the cooking schools do their market tours here. It's great for exotic fruit and snack food by day, and noodl…