Top Choice Live Music in Chiang Mai


A stroll down an unlit dirt track off Th Huay Kaew will take you to a creaky wooden house full of character and music. It's primarily a local hang-out, with Thais of all ages sipping whisky, chewing the fat and nodd…
Spectator Sport in Chiang Mai

Thapae Boxing Stadium

Hosts moo·ay tai matches for entertainment rather than as proving grounds for the sport.
Live Music in Chiang Mai

North Gate Jazz Co-Op

This compact jazz club tends to pack in more musicians than patrons, but the music can be pretty hip (for jazz).
Live Music in Chiang Mai


This small wooden house packs in a lively line-up of local talent. It has that beach-shack vibe beloved by travellers everywhere and a popular pool table – though we recommend against challenging the multiple-trophy…
Live Music in Chiang Mai

Sangdee Gallery

Part gallery, music club, bar and cafe, Sangdee is beloved by the art set, who gather here for live music, DJ sets and art shows. There's an open-mic night on Thursday.
Spectator Sport in Chiang Mai

Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium

Behind the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel; see flyers for fight days.
Spectator Sport in Chiang Mai

Kalare Boxing Stadium

Touristy fights behind the Kalare Night Bazaar.
Live Music in Chiang Mai


A happening spot for Chiang Mai twenty-somethings, with cold beers, hot snacks and rocking live bands who can actually play their instruments, singing Thai songs for a Thai audience.