Top Choice Northern Thai in Chiang Mai

Kao Soi Fueng Fah

The best of the Muslim-run kôw soy (wheat-and-egg noodles in a curry broth) vendors along Halal St, with the choice of beef or chicken with your noodles.
Top Choice Market in Chiang Mai

Talat Thanin

North of the old city off Th Chotana (Th Chang Pheuak), this market specialises in ready-to-eat gàp kôw (premade food served with rice) meals, with a whole rear section jammed with vendors offering fish stews, curri…
Top Choice Chinese in Chiang Mai

Kiat Ocha

This humble Chinese-style canteen is mobbed daily by locals who can't get enough of the house kôw man gài (Hainanese-style boiled chicken). Each plate comes with soup, chilli sauce and blood pudding and the menu als…
Top Choice International in Chiang Mai

Riverside Bar & Restaurant

Almost everyone ends up at Riverside at some point in their Chiang Mai stay. Set in an old teak house, it feels like a boondocks reimagining of a Hard Rock Cafe, and bands play nightly until late. Stake out a claim …
Top Choice Thai in Chiang Mai

SP Chicken

Chiang Mai's best chicken emerges daily from the broilers at this tiny cafe near Wat Phra Singh. The menu runs to salads and soups, but most people just pick a half (80B) or whole (150B) chicken, and dip the moist m…
Thai in Chiang Mai

Lert Ros

As you enter this local-style hole in the wall, you'll pass the main course: delicious whole tilapia fish, which is grilled on coals and served with a fiery Isan-style dipping sauce. The (tiny) menu also includes cu…
Top Choice Southeast Asian in Chiang Mai

The Service 1921

The pan-Asian restaurant at the Anantara is elegance incarnate, with wait staff in full 1920s garb and interior decor resembling the secret offices of MI6 – appropriate as the gorgeous teak villa housing the restaur…
Top Choice Vegetarian in Chiang Mai

Pun Pun

Tucked away at the back of Wat Suan Dok, this student-y cafe is a great place to sample Thai vegetarian food prepared using little-known herbs and vegetables and lots of healthy whole grains grown on its concept far…
Top Choice Thai in Chiang Mai

Ginger & Kafe @ The House

Dining at the restaurant in the House boutique feels like eating in a posh Thai mansion, with antique furniture, soft sofas, fine china and lots of red velour. The Thai food is delish and lavishly presented, but wat…
Top Choice Northern Thai in Chiang Mai

Tong Tem Toh

Set in an old teak house, this trendy cafe serves deliciously authentic Northern Thai cuisine. The menu roams beyond the usual Thai standards to local specialities such as nám prík ong (chilli paste with vegetables …