Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Market in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the city’s main night-time attractions, especially for families, and is the legacy of the original Yunnanese trading caravans that stopped here along the ancient route between Simao (China) and Mawlamyaing (on Myanmar’s Gulf of Martaban). Today the night bazaar sells the usual tourist souvenirs, similar to what you’ll find at Bangkok’s street markets.

In true market fashion, vendors form a gauntlet along the footpath of Th Chang Khlan from Th Tha Phae to Th Loi Kroh. In between are dedicated shopping buildings: the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Building is filled mainly with antique and handicraft stores. Across the street is the Kalare Night Bazaar, selling upmarket clothes and home decor. Behind the collection of shops is the Kalare Food Centre.